Sunday, December 04, 2011

New Zealand (3 Nov 11 - 10 Nov 11)

Amazing New Zealand

Amazing amazing place. After hours of sifting through thousands of photo, the album still consist of more than 700 photos. (Can't get myself to delete them!!!)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now Everyone Can Fly

With the success of AirAsia in Malaysia many years ago, air travel that used to be too expensive for most of the people is now within financial capability. Going overseas does not come with a huge 4-digit price tag for air tickets anymore. The world, is really getting nearer.

And this is how I ended up with my travel plans for the next one year.

November - New Zealand
January - Kajang
February - Kota Kinabalu
May - Taipei
October - Yogyakarta
Can I slot something in August? hmmm.. :P

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another KL Rail Diagram

I realize I'm really interested in making such diagrams... LOL..

Here's a PDF version.

Monorail (PDF)

Ampang Line (PDF)

Kelana Jaya Line (PDF)

KTM Komuter (PDF)

KLIA Transit (PDF)

Sungai Buloh - Kajang Line (PDF)

Friday, August 12, 2011

感触多多 真的是啦




There's really a lot of different kind of relationships in thie world and the ones between family members tend to overcome all odds and still stay strong no matter what has happened to any one of the members. There's genuine care and concern for each other's well-being and feeling emotionally connected and responsible as a whole unit. It's a group of people banded together through love and compassion, unconditionally, and do not need a reason to be kind to each other. It's a place where you can always go back to.

Sometimes it's lonely out there. Real lonely. Time and time again there will be reminders that, hey, we are reallly reallly good friends, can go up knife mountain and go down oil wok, but, there are some things just, better make it clear. Many times you are reminded by the actions of others that, hey, I will do my part, but I don't really care what you do. Anything wrong, it's not going to be any of my fault.

And there it goes, like a bell chimed in the head. Oh, yah, we are still different individuals. Yes, individuals. And it put doubt into my mind, that why do I even care so much in the first place. And you my dearest friend, are being selfish. And the thought that I might one day become like you, are just plain scary.

Isn't it much better if we can strive for the greater good? For the whole unit, the whole group. Even if we're just friends. Isn't it much better if we start to care for the well-being of the small community you live in so that everyone can live better? Can we not turn a blind eye to all the small things that we can do for the benefits of all? It's so easy to ignore the obvious and cast them off as 'not my fault I didn't cause it'. But wouldn't it be greater if the 'I'-attitute change into 'We'-attitute?

Oh sorry, whatever you're feeling right now, I didn't even do anything. It's not my fault. Now, go somewhere else.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Distance and time do dilute and put a lot of relationships to test. People move on with their life, paths diverge and head to different destinations. It's inevitable when the people you used to know very well, or used to be very close with, no longer feels the same.

It's life. People come into our life and make a difference (or not) in their path, and as quickly as they arrive, they move on. And soon we might find the fondness is lost. Clinging to such past, is futile.

My Camera

Tada~~~ Here's the camera that I bought. Have been quite happy with it thus far and glad that I add this to the list of my possessions.

There's even a 360-view on their Olympus US website

So far uploaded some of the photos taken on it. I wonder where I put my KTMB photos. LOL..